5 Unconventional Mindsets To Make Big Improvements In Your Life.

How these largely unknown principles can help you achieve your goals.

Anthony V. Lombardo


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1. Sturgeon’s Law

This is the notion that 90% of everything is crap. Everything from books to movies, to the emails in your inbox to the advice you receive from others. 90% of all content and information especially in our high-tech, information on-demand world is irrelevant and a distraction. This principle is about intentionally cutting things out when working on goals and learning new skills.

Here’s a basic definition: a principle for blocking out all the noise and a mindset for how we consume information, specifically how we consume when we’re learning and working towards goals.

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Once you cut out the crap, focus on what’s important by employing the next principle on this list.

2. Go Deep Not Wide

When you cut 90% of the “crap” out of your project or goal, you are now free to go deep with the 10% that is valuable and useful to you. Often since we are so distracted by the overload of information (especially online), we cast such a wide net — trying to consume the next best thing or learn the new cutting-edge strategy. Go Deep Not Wide is a mindset of focusing your energy on just one task, one strategy, or one habit and “going deep” with it to make incremental progress.

Essentially it’s a mindset for personal growth: going deep on a select few things in the different areas and categories of your life from the level you are right now.

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3. Kanter’s Law

Named after Harvard Business School professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter, this principle says that in the middle of every endeavor, everything looks like a failure. This is the messy middle of working towards a goal — the point where the initial excitement has worn off, and the real work begins. It’s the long grind of trying to reach success. This is when the level of the work has become challenging, mistakes are made, and you are tested mentally and emotionally because you’re seeing little to no results. As a…



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