A Tidbit Of Consciousness

Affirm This 30-Second Serenity Prayer To Ease Morning Anxiety

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Today I begin with acceptance.

I confront my reality, no matter its weight. I refrain from entangling myself in any negativity. I choose to just be. Without judgment or resistance.

I allow impermanence.

I embrace everything, the beginnings and its endings. I relinquish the grip of desired outcomes and find solace in the act of letting go.

I allow non-attachment to emerge as my cure against the anxieties of the unknown. Awareness to be my beacon in the storm. Then, I will channel my attention to myself as a life force, my surroundings, and my body as the sacred vessel I inhabit.

This is my serenity.

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Anthony V. Lombardo

Anthony V. Lombardo is a meditation artist, explorer of consciousness, and website consultant for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Join the Tribe: https://rb.gy/0650g