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There is a common misconception that LinkedIn is only for finding jobs, flaunting your career accomplishments, and posting “professional” content.

LinkedIn is more than that; it’s actually one of the most vibrant and dynamic platforms for creating online content. You can post articles, videos, photos, and status updates. …

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Personal growth is not always about making a change.
Personal growth is about becoming more conscious.

Sometimes that elevated consciousness propels you to great change.
Other times it doesn’t. Most of the time, you fall somewhere in the middle.

Regardless, what’s important is did you become more conscious?

Self-development is the development of your awareness.
Self-help is helping yourself become more conscious.
A dedication to personal growth is a dedication to becoming more present.

As a result, we become an onion of consciousness in which we keep folding in layers of expanded awareness.

Personal growth is curiosity aimed at yourself and everything around you.

Change and transformation are just side-effects of your elevated consciousness.

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I meditated every day for the past 3-years. I studied it as an art, read countless books on the topic, experimented with various styles from traditional mindfulness, creative visualization to breathwork and mantras to even just sitting on the floor staring at a candle.

But I didn’t always have this…

Anthony V. Lombardo

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