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Anthony V. Lombardo is a blogger, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. He runs a personal growth newsletter:
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Every second a miracle is transpiring all around you and within you.

If you happen to catch it, at that moment, all suffering will vanish.

One just went by. Did you catch it?

The next time someone yells at you, sure get defensive, but then thank your ears for being…

You probably heard of the saying to treat failure as feedback.

You probably also heard to fail like a scientist.

I love both of these ideas.

Better yet why not take them one step further to create an even more ambitious mindset:

Treat life as an experiment!

If you think…

I enjoy trying to build my businesses as big as I can.

I enjoy writing, building my YouTube channel, and trying to grow my audience as big as I can.

But none of that is my main goal.

Neither is making loads of money or the freedom it will buy…

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“Do you have kids?” As someone in my 30s and married, that’s a question I get often.

For a long time that was a question that left me thinking something was wrong with me.

When pressed further, this would lead to the inevitable follow-up: “Well, do you plan on having…

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Listen to your heart.

No, I mean really listen to your heart. Pay attention to it.

Beyond that statement just being a generic piece of advice, the human heart biologically is so sophisticated that it has its own intelligence system. More than just a pump for blood, the heart contains…

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The first step to consciously creating your life is breaking free from the blame story that keeps you rooted in victim consciousness. For many when this happens, a spiritual awakening takes hold as they welcome a new level of consciousness and officially start to consciously create their reality.

What is Manifestor Consciousness?

This is…

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Stillness and movement: two contradicting concepts, yet both are vital components of spirituality.

We can’t know what it means to be still without moving. And we can’t understand movement without being still.

For centuries sages, mystics, and even scientists have been telling us that we human beings need to become…

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According to the data in the book Happiness At Work, the average person spends roughly 90,000 hours being at work over their lifetime. That’s about one-third of our adult lives.

We spend most of our waking lives “at work.”

For many, this might be a sad state of reality. However…

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You might be familiar with Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which is a motivational theory in psychology and human development framework comprising of a six-tier hierarchical model of human needs.

Personal development pioneer Denis Waitley created a similar hierarchy for achieving financial independence and wealth that he terms the “Overflowing…

Resonating with something leads to attraction. This is how the Law of Attraction is flawed. It’s flawed as an educational concept and as a tool for creating personal change. It’s flawed in the way we teach it, the way it’s written about, and hence the way we understand it.


Anthony V. Lombardo

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